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Welcome to my website, which I established in February 2007. My name is Robyn Mills and I became registered in 2004 as a celebrant, however for a variety of reasons, it was not really until early 2007 that I had to opportunity to realize my long held dream to apply what I love doing into a rewarding career path whilst maintaining the highest possible quality service standards.

Integral to this dream, is my desire to give you - my clients, an individually crafted ceremony which is as unique as you are and reflects the emotion, love and commitment that you bring to this event - whether this is your marriage, commitment, affirmation of wedding vows, naming or life transition ceremony.

Your chosen ceremony should be one of the most memorable days of your life and it is important that you find a professional celebrant who will work with you to prepare, rehearse and officiate at a really beautiful ceremony in accordance with your personal wishes, traditions, values and cultures.

Most of the weddings I perform are in the idyllic Gold Coast Hinterland retreats of Tamborine Mountain / Canungra / Beechmont areas, although I seem to have maintained my foothold in the beautiful Tweed Valley and Coastal Beaches in Far Northern New South Wales, which is always a bit of a treat for me because prior to moving to Canungra in 2006, I lived in the Tweed area for two decades and maintain a strong connection.

Prior to becoming a Celebrant  I was in a senior management role in the community sector within the training and recruitment industry. Becoming a Marriage Celebrant has really been a high point in my professional career, as I have a love of people, new experiences and the joy in celebrating life's momentous and most special events.

As an authorised civil marriage celebrant, I will guide you through the legislative requirements of a wedding ceremony, including forms, statutory declarations and other Governmental requirements.

Especially, I recognize that Your Perfect Day involves more than the existence of love, involvement of friends and family, beautiful attire & perfect make-up, a lovely venue and a sunny day.

It also requires a beautifully written and perfectly delivered ceremony that acknowledges the special-ness of you, and celebrates what this day means to you, your family and special friends.

That's where I come in! Have you ever ......  been to a ceremony where the celebrant didn't pronounce the names of key participants correctly; you couldn't hear the ceremony clearly; you had the sense that this was just another rendition of a set ceremony where the celebrant had just inserted the relevant names?

Over the past two years, my reputation has grown and I am mainly performing weddings at Mt Tamborine, which is a very popular area for weddings in south-east Queensland. I am a member of the Tamborine Mountain Weddings Group and have had a lot of fun discovering all the beautiful venues in the hinterland area, such as Vineyards, National Parks, and Chapels.

With the increase in bookings, I was faced with the dilemma of deciding how much work I wanted to pursue, deciding to limit the number of ceremonies to about 40 per year and taking only one booking per day. This way, I pride myself on creating truly beautiful and unique ceremonies for my couples, without the stress of me needing to race off to the next ceremony if there is an unexpected delay.

I put my heart and soul into creating romantic and inspirational ceremonies, upon which throughout your life you will always remember with the utmost happiness and pride.


Please feel welcome to explore Your Perfect Day

Robyn Mills  

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